Online Giving

As of September 15, 2017, Online Giving at Grace Bible Church is now live, allowing you to give using either of the options below:

  1., or
  2. ShelbyNext Giving app available for:
and devices.

Both options will require you to register an account before you can give if you want to set up recurring giving and not have to enter your bank information each time.

Currently, we are not accepting credit cards; but you may use a debit card or Echeck/ACH transaction that pulls from your bank account.  Note that any recurring gifts you schedule do not actually get transacted until late in the day they are scheduled to occur. (ie a scheduled gift on 9/15/2017 will not actually happen until around 10PM on 9/15/2107.)

Also, we have not quite loaded all the individual Funds for Outreach Partners yet so if you don't see one that you normally support, let us know and we will add it.

If you have questions, please email, call 406-586-9782 x19, or phone/call to set up an appointment to stop by my office at the church.

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