Sunday Worship Services

1 CorinthiansJude
1 John - The Picture of a Real ChristianLove or Lust
1 Peter - The Manifold Grace of GodMark - The Perfect Servant
1 Thessalonians - The Heart of a True Spiritual ShepherdMatt Thibault
2 Peter - A Parting Word of CautionMatthew
2 Thessalonians - Ancient Truth for Modern TimesMatthew 5 - Highway to Happiness
2 Timothy - Faithful Til the EndMatthew 5 - Jesus and the Law
A Clear Perspective on LifeMiscellaneous
A Portrait of a Humble ServantNew Testament Survey
A Window to the Soul of JesusNot Down for the Count
ActsNot Missing the Forest for the Trees
Andy GerlachOld Testament Survey
Back to the Early DaysOur Purpose: To Glorify God
Blake ShawPassionate Christianity
Bryan HughesPaul and Peter - Pillars of the Church
Church LeadershipPeople Abandoned by God
ColossiansPhilippians - A Letter From a Friend
DanielPhilippians 3 - Passionate Christianity
Dave BarnhartPractical Christianity
Deonte FlowersQ&A
Ephesians - The Church, The Body of ChristReality of the Spirit World
Foundations of a Strong MarriageRevelation
Foundations of the FaithRevelation 17-18 - The Babylon of the End Times
Galatians - Freedom in ChristRomans
Getting Along for the GospelRomans 8:28 - Confidence in Hard Times
Global Outreach Conference 2017Scripture is Sufficient
Global Outreach Conference 2018Security of Salvation
Gods Blueprint for MarriageSpiritual Tensions
Hard Times are ComingSpiritual Warfare
Heart of the GospelTanner Ripley
Hebrews - Jesus is BetterThankfulness
How Big is Your GodThe Great Shepherd Really Cares
Is God Finished With IsraelThe Mystery of God
JamesThe Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Jeremy SauskojusThe Seven Churches of Revelation
Joe SchreibeisThe Work of the Trinity in Salvation
JohnThings to Come - Prophecy
John 4 - Jesus and EvangelismTitus
Jon MontoyaVictory Over Sin
Jonathan RourkeWalking with God Against the Flow
JosephWhat We Believe

Grace Student Ministries

1 CorinthiansMiscellaneous
1 Thess 5 - Qualities of a Godly ChristianModesty and Purity
1 ThessaloniansPhilippians
2 TimothyProverbs
A Journey Through First JohnRelationships 101
A Portrait of MosesRomans 1
ActsRunning With Endurance
Daniel - 2016Summer Camp 2014
Deceptive Beliefs About GodTen Choices that Will Transform Your Life Forever
EphesiansTen Lies About God
False ReligionsThe Mystery of God
How to Study the BibleThe Reality of War
In Search of the Will of GodTitus
JamesUnderstanding the Charismatic Movement
JohnWinter Camp 2009
Jon MontoyaWinter Camp 2010
Learning from PaulWinter Camp 2011
Lessons From the Life of JesusWinter Camp 2012
MiscellaenousWords Worth Knowing

Cross Life at Grace

Alone TogetherSame Ol Faith
BeThe Hard Sayings of Jesus
Discipline and DependenceThe Lion And The Lamb
Foundations of the GospelThe Mindset of a Minister
HebrewsThe Power of Prayer - Winter Retreat 2016
Imago DeiThe Resurrection - Winter Retreat 2018
Lessons from the ProphetsWalk as He Walked
MiscellaneousWalking With Wisdom
Ordained Occupations - Winter Retreat 2017What is Church
ParablesWords With Power


Advance314 2013Global Outreach Conference 2013
Advance314 2014Global Outreach Conference 2014
Advance314 2015Global Outreach Conference 2015
Advance314 2016Global Outreach Conference 2016
Advance314 2017Global Outreach Conference 2017
Biblical Counseling Conference 2013Global Outreach Conference 2018
Biblical Counseling Conference 2014Justin Peters - A Call for Discernment
Biblical Counseling Conference 2015Men of Truth
Biblical Counseling Conference 2016PTSD Seminar 2015
Biblical Counseling Conference 2017Women of Grace - Fall Kickoff 2012
Emotional TurmoilWomen of Grace - How to Study the Bible
Global Outreach Conference 2008Women of Grace - Kardiology 101
Global Outreach Conference 2009Women of Grace - Miscellaneous
Global Outreach Conference 2010Women of Grace - Spiritual Gifts Workshop 2018
Global Outreach Conference 2011Women of Grace - True Treasure
Global Outreach Conference 2012Worry, Fear, and Anxiety