Register for Sunday

With a combination of social distancing and groups who are meeting together in person outside the church, we can seat around 280 in the worship center at one time.

You can register as many people as you like.  The largest pews have a maximum capacity of twelve; the smallest pews have a maximum capacity of six.  Therefore, your group may fill more than one pew.  Either way, when you arrive, please look for the smallest open pew(s) that will fit your group.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Matthew in the office. 406.586.9782 ext. 15


We want to make provision for more vulnerable members of the body by trying some outside seating. This will be under the covered entry on the 19th .  There won't be any video of the service; but there will be audio and printed song-sheets, so you will be able to join in with the singing!  And it might be a little cool, so if you choose to sit here, please remember to dress appropriately.

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