Provisional Menu for 2022 Biblical Counseling Conference

Over the 9 years we have done the conference, the number of requests relating to various food allergies has increased to the point that, sadly, we can no longer keep up with the number of special meals.

If you have serious or life threatening health concerns related to food or if the menu just doesn’t appeal to you (!), rather than risk giving you something that you cannot eat – we can reduce your cost by $20 pp and you could bring your own.  On the registration tab, there is a place to register for the No food/No Snacks option.

Below you will see a reasonably accurate guide to what we will have this year.

Snacks served throughout the conference will generally be apples, bananas, seasonal fruits, boiled eggs, hummus, raw veggies, baby bell, meat sticks, unsalted roasted almonds, yoghurt and melon, although there will be things with gluten/nuts on offer as well, like Kirkland nut bars. At some point, if it’s warm enough, ice cream or fruit bars.

Lunch Thursday will be a croissant sandwich with turkey/roast beef and cheese, chips, brownie. Individual packages of mayo, mustard, butter will be available.

Lunch Friday will be BBQ’d meat in salt and pepper, olive oil, and tamari. Arugula salad, parmesan, olive oil, lemon and balsamic. Baked potato or mashed potato served separately.

The main thing that will be prepared off site is the Wilbur Beans (basically, sweet baked beans with meat. We get that from Famous Dave’s and here is a link which shows what is in it.)

Bozeman has MANY places to eat, when it comes to looking for dinner. Burgers, noodles, Asian, Italian, Mexican. And many fast food places, including supermarket food bars! 

If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

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