As The Foolish Women Speak

Ladies and gentlemen, you are all invited.  Grace Bible Church Presents:

As the Foolish Women Speak-- a one-act monologue from the perspective of Job’s wife. This is a fictional work based on the biblical book of Job. Although the events in this discourse did not actually happen, the author’s aim is to honor God’s Word and remain true to its intent, while portraying a plausible view of Job’s wife.

The time period is Job chapter 42, when “the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than” the first. Scripture records that, after his time of suffering, Job’s possessions were restored twofold, his honor among the people was reestablished, and the LORD gave him ten additional children—seven sons and three daughters. These daughters were the most beautiful women of the land, and are the only members of Job’s family listed by name: Jemimah, Kezia, and Keren-Happuch.

The setting for this dramatization is the wedding celebration of Jemimah, whose name means “dove.”

Job 42:16 notes that Job lived 140 years after his adversities and “saw his children and grandchildren for four generations.” Job’s wife is not mentioned beyond chapter 31, but this story is hers. It is a story of restoration—not the restoration of honor and possessions, but the restoration of soul.

It would be greatly appreciated if, out of consideration for others, fragrances were kept to a minimum. Many people, including Julie, really struggle with perfumes, body sprays, etc. and we want to make this an enjoyable evening for everyong.

This play is not suitable for young children,

No available seating.

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