Resource Center

Our Resource Center provides you with tons of, well... Resources! You can find hundreds of books, Bible studies, pamphlets, Bibles, recent sermons, and even recent conferences here! We carefully select the resources that we stock to make sure they are Biblically accurate before they go on the shelf. We also keep our prices as low as possible to serve you as best we can.

The Resource Center is open before and after each Sunday service.



What is God doing in different situations in your life?  Why does He allow certain things to happen?  In Romans 8:28, Unlocking God's Promise, Pastor Bryan takes an in-depth look at each word of Romans 8:28 and guides readers to answers that encourage trust in what God is doing.

Available in the Resource Center for $10.50.



Pam Gannon's lecture on Fear, Worry, Anxiety, and the Power of God is also     available on CD.

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