Women's Ministries

Women's Community Groups - We invite all women in our church to be involved in a Community Group. Contact communitygroups@gbcmt.org to lead, host or join.

WINGS (Women In God’s Service) – Serve others in the body of Christ by

(1) providing meals for families in need, (2)providing refreshments for funeral receptions, (3) cleaning the church kitchen, (4) preparing communion, and (5) helping with seminars, retreats, and other events. Contact Mickey Zwagerman at 586-9782 x0.

Cribs by Grace – Partner with us in delivering new cribs to local moms and babies in need. The cost of a new crib and mattress is $200. The opportunity to share the love of Christ is priceless. Join us in whatever capacity you are able. Find out more here.

Meets First Monday of each month, 6:00pm–8:00pm
Location:  GBC Women's Ministry Room (room 301)
Contact:  Tobie Countryman at 930-1792

Domestic Tidbits – This year our encouragement readings will be from Elyse Fitzptrick's book, "Good News for Weary Women" We will create some seasonal crafts, pillow cases and repeat favorites (pies and biscuits).  Sewing machine needed - possible machines available to borrow. Cost is $13 for book, craft cost approximately $15-$25.

Meets every other Tuesday, 6:30pm-9:00pm (October 18 - April 11))
Location:  GBC – Fireside Room
Contact:  Velda Silvey at 522-9317 or mtsilveys@gmail.com (register by Sept. 30)

H.I.P. Moms (Homeschooling In Prayer) - Moms, do you feel overwhelmed in your homeschool journey at times?  Experiencing struggles and victories in your families?  Homeschooling moms of Grace Bible Church are welcome to join us for an encouraging time of prayer and fellowship for our families.

6:30pm - 8:00pm (come early for fellowship from 6:00pm to 6:30pm)
Contact:Michelle Tulloch at 5793278, mtulloch2@gmail.com

KinderGym - Moms, Grandmas and Aunts, bring your children (walking age to 6 years) for a great morning! Use professional-grade gymanstic equipment, play games, hear a lesson from God's Word and enjoy fellowship.  Connect and actively participate with your children. Crawler's corner available for younger siblings. There is no cost for KinderGym.  Click here for more information.

Meets Thursday mornings from 10:00am to 11:30am Sept 7 - Nov 16 and Jan 18 - Mar 29
Contact Cheryl Ehresmann at 581-7831 or Karri Heupel at 580-7808
Location: GBC - Activity Center

Ladies Night meets the second Tuesday of each month for coffee and fellowship.

Contact: Nyla Capeheart, look us up on Facebook: (LNO) Coffee with Friends or call Nyla at (406) 266-8331

Mentoring Ministry – Have you lived life? Do you love Christ? Then you are just the woman to be a part of a younger woman's life. All women are invited to be a part of this ministry and make a spiritual impact by mentoring or being mentored this year.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor to other women, please complete this MENTOR application.  If you are interested in being mentored by another woman, please complete this MENTEE application.  Both forms should be returned to the church office.

Contact:  Beth Dryden at 600-1990

Moms in Prayer International – Moms, grandmas, aunts, and teachers gather together to impact children and schools for Christ through scriptural prayer. Prayer groups are meeting in our area for private, public, & home school, so please call for details on our informational kickoff meetings in September.

Contact:  Sarah Sobek at 570-9984 or sarahrsobek@gmail.com


WMT equips women to do the work of ministry in 1) discipling, 2) leadership, 3) teaching, 4) counseling, 5) curriculum planning and 6) perusal of new materials. WMT also oversees service teams who 1) provide meals for families in need, 2) provide refreshments for funeral receptions, 3) clean the church kitchen, 4) wash baptismal gowns, 5) prepare and clean up for communion and 6) facilitate Spring and Fall seminars, retreats and other events for the spiritual growth and fellowship of women.

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