Steps to Serving with Us

We are delighted that you are seeking to partner with Grace Bible Church in reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.  We will ask a lot of questions regarding your personal beliefs and practices to make sure you are a good fit with our Church Family and the agency to which you apply.  We believe strongly that the work of global missions is the business of the local church. Therefore, we are going to walk closely with you in where you go, what you do, and with whom you might go.  For this reason, before you make a “final” decision about a ministry, an agency, or a particular region of the world, we want to meet with you and pray with you before potential lifelong decisions are made. In short, we desire to work together in a partnership as we consider your calling and eligibility, help prepare you for your future ministry, and if the Lord wills one day send you to the field.

  1. Before you contact a mission agency or make the decision to go out under a mission agency, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Global Outreach Pastor or a member of the Global Outreach Committee before completing steps 2-5.
  2. Pick up a Candidate Assessment Questionnaire from the GBC office or go online and download it off our website.  Complete the assessment and return it to the office.  Once that is done, schedule an assessment interview with the Global Outreach Pastor. This step should be taken before the potential candidate contacts a mission agency or makes a decision to go out under a mission agency.
  3. Once your assessment interview is completed and you have been granted preliminary approval by the Global Outreach Committee (GOC), you will be given an application to complete and submit to the Global Outreach Pastor.  Submit all personal references in accordance with the application.  The Global Outreach Pastor will go over your application. He will discuss doctrinal positions and distinctions, your call to ministry, and possible agencies with you.
  4. Your completed application and references will be given to the GOC for their consideration.  When your full application is accepted, the GOC will schedule an interview with you.  The GOC will approve or reject the choice of agency.  A background check will be completed.  A member of the GOC will establish contact with the person you will be working with at the approved mission agency.
  5. After your interview with the GOC, a recommendation will be made to accept, reject or postpone your application.  The elders may wish to interview you before they make their decision. If so, a time will be scheduled for you to meet with the elders.  Upon approval of the elders, you will be considered a global outreach candidate of Grace Bible Church.  A mentor will be assigned to you.  In addition, you will sign the following documents: the peacemaker’s pledge, covenant agreement, grievance procedure, doctrinal position form and a children/vulnerable person’s protection policy.


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