Biblical Counseling

Community of Grace Biblical Counseling is a growing ministry. Presently, we have more people interested in receiving counseling than we can meet with on a timely basis. As such, we are compelled to respond first to needs of members of Grace Bible Church, then, regular attenders of Grace who are not in membership. BUT, if you don’t let us know about your needs, we can’t meet with you.

Counseling Center

Our new counseling center is being remodeled with new paint and lighting. Over the next couple of months, we will be equipping the rooms to serve as counseling rooms. We are hoping to launch the Community of Grace Biblical Counseling Center in January of 2021.

Biblical Counseling Conference – July 15-17, 2021

Our 2020 conference was cancelled due to covid restrictions, but we are gearing up for 2021! Brad Bigney, Jim and Caroline Newheiser, Randy Patten and others will be ministering God’s word to us over 3 wonderful days. Registration starts January 2021.

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