Community Groups

Purpose Statement: 

To provide a context in which intimate Christ-centered relationships can be cultivated around the study and application of God’s Word as together we are conformed to the image of Christ.

Key Components:

The Word of God

Spiritual Growth

Christ-centered Relationships

Grace Bible Church understands that the corporate gathering on Sunday can be a difficult time to develop relationships characterized by biblical fellowship, discipleship, and spiritual growth. Thus, everyone is encouraged to be involved in smaller segments of the church body: Community Groups. These groups are designed to be a relational network focused on applying scriptural truths into one another’s lives. Each week a set of “homework” questions that encourage the life application of the truth taught in the Sunday sermon will be given in the Sunday bulletin. During each community group, homework will be reviewed together leading to open discussion about the realities of the Christian life.

Community Groups are intended to encourage authentic and transparent conversation about the struggles and triumphs being experienced by individual members. These relationships and conversations facilitate the practice of the many scriptural “one anothers,” allowing each person in the group to have opportunities to encourage, exhort, teach, help, bear with, pray for, rebuke and love one another through all the shared life experiences as we encourage one another to grow in Christlikeness.

Community Group Sessions

Fall 2020 Session: Starting week of September 13th, 2020

For information about existing Community groups or how to start a new one, contact or phone (406) 586-9782 ext 16

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