Inside the "10/40 window" there are 48 predominantly non-Christian countries accounting for over 2 1/2 billion people.

Global Outreach

Global Outreach Conference 2021

February 24 – 28, 2021

  • Sunday, Feb 21 9:00am and 10:45am: Flag Ceremony
  • Thursday, Feb 25 7:00pm: Main Session 1 (Worship Center)
  • Friday, Feb 26 7:00pm: Linking in Prayer (Youth Room)
  • Saturday, Feb 27: Outreach Training Seminars  (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP)
    • 7:30am: Breakfast (Activity Center)
    • 8:00am: Main Session 2 (Activity Center)
    • 9:00am: Breakout Session 1
    • 10:30am: Breakout Session 2
    • 11:30am: Lunch (Activity Center)
    • 12:00pm: Q&A Panel Session (Activity Center)
    • 1:15pm: Main Session 3 (Worship Center)
  • Sunday, Feb 28 9:00am and 10:45am: Keynote Speaker Preaches

Thanks for checking out the Global Outreach Ministry of Grace Bible Church.  Since its’ inception in 1945, Grace Bible Church has sought to share Christ locally and globally.  That passion is clearly reflected in our purpose statement: “To Be and Make Disciples.” We hope that the information contained here will be of assistance as you seek to be and make disciples both here in Bozeman and around the world!  If you have any questions, comments or insights, please feel free to contact us.

Gary and Judy Anderson

Wycliffe Bible Translators

J & K


Daniel & Dorota Cichocki

Poland Evangelical Mission

Luke Foreman

CLG International

Lynda Collison

TEAM, Swaziland

Tim & Kay Dyk

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Pappy Daniel

Light of Hope, India

Brad & Ruth


Brett & Michelle Hamilton

Church Planting, Poland

Randy & Sherry Jones

Gallatin County Chaplain

Misiker & Meaza Kebede

Spread of Grace, Ethiopia

Nathan & Kaylee Kelm

Mision Etnos, Bolivia

Nikolay & Elena Koval

Ukraine for Christ

Scott & Sherri Morningstar

NAIM, Rural Church Ministry

Matthew & Jessica Oswell

Village Missions, Skokomish,WA.

Dan & Rachel


Chad & Stephanie Snyder

Solid Rock Bible Camp

Dan & Jenny Strebig

South American Mission

Tim & Emily Tanner

Grace Bible Church

“The Purpose of Grace Bible Church is to be and make disciples in fulfillment of Matthew 28:18-20 with the result that Psalm 86:9 would be fulfilled, “All the nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name.”

The Vision of the Global Outreach Ministry of GBC is understood to include those activities and resources (people, time and finances) related to:

  • World-wide propagation of the gospel through outreach, evangelism, and discipleship.
  • Encouragement for the training of young and old for outreach service.
  • Assistance to meet human needs such as help for the poor, the fatherless, the widows, those disenfranchised by war or natural disaster, imprisonment, etc., in the Name of Jesus Christ.


    Catalyst for Kids (CFK)
    Slavic Gospel Association
    Spread of Grace Ministries


    Camp Daniel and the Able Church
    CEF of Montana
    Compassion  International
    CFK in Ukraine
    Etnos 360
    Evangelical Church of Rome
    International Students Inc. (ISI)
    Mission Aviation Fellowship
    Mission of Hope (India)
    North American Indigenous Ministries
    Poland Biblical Seminary
    SEND International
    Solid Rock Bible Camp
    Village Mission

Angel Tree / Bozeman Prison Ministries
Bozeman Lions: Sight and Hearing
Catalyst for Kids
Cribs by Grace
Fathers in the Field
Gallatin Valley Food Bank
Love INC
Montana Bible College
Rodeo Bible Camp
The Salvation Army
Operation Christmas Child
Zoe’s Women’s Center

Gary and Judy Anderson – Wycliffe here in the USA / help with recruitment and retirement

Seth and Brittany Bevans – International Students in New Brunswick, Canada

The B Family – Undisclosed

Marceaux and Jen Bury – Camp Daniel, Wisconsin USA

Joe and Karyn – Undisclosed

Daniel and Dorota Cichocki – Teaches at Bible Seminary in Poland

Lynda Collison – with TEAM in Swaziland, Librarian/ women’s disciple at a Bible College

Eileen Cox (retired)

Daniel Pappy – Light of Hope Orphanage in India

Tim and Kay Dyk – MAF home office USA: plane maintenance / travels overseas to work on planes

Brandon and Beth Fischer – SEND pastoring a church in the Alaskan Bush / USA

Luke Foreman – CrossLife International ministering to International students at MSU

Brad and Ruth – Doing Member Care / Training

Brett and Michelle Hamilton – with SEND in Poland / Pastors an International Church and is the field director for Eastern Europe

Dave and Becky  – Undisclosed

Chaplain Randy and Sherri Jones – Bozeman Prison Fellowship

Misiker and Meaza Kebede – Spread of Grace Ministries in PA, USA pastoral training and Medical work in Ethiopia

Nathan and Kaylee Kelm – with Etnos 360 in Bolivia training national CH PL for unreached tribal groups

Nikolai and Elena Koval – CRU in Ukraine, leadership training in local churches, marriage seminars, etc.

Olga Lishchenko – with CFK in Ukraine, children’s ministries in local churches and short-term teams

Brad and Jeanne Miller – with the NAVs at Colorado State University / USA

Scott and Sherri Morningstar – with NAIM serving part time on MSU Campus to Native students and is a teacher at Montana Bible College / USA

Doug and April Nickel – with CEF of in Billings area / USA

Matt and Jessica Oswell – Rural Church pastorate in Western Washington State with Village Missions

Dan and Rachel – Undisclosed

Adriele and Eljana Rosheger – CH PL in Albania

Jonathan and Christiane Rosheger – CH PL in Italy

Paul S – Wycliffe Translation

Tim and Denise Sieges – Wycliffe USA, heads up counseling department

Chad and Stephanie Snyder – Solid Rock Bible Camp in Alaska, USA

Dan and Jenny Strebig – with SAM in Bolivia, part of field team leadership, oversees the Christian School

Tim and Emily Tanner – Tanzania, Holistic Farming

6 Rural Pastors in Ukraine

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