All the ministries of our church are funded by financial gifts. Motivated by grace, people give to our general operating budget, providing the resources we need to share God’s love. You can give at a service, in person at the church office, or online.

There are 3 options for online giving

  • You can also text “giving” to 406.413.9332   Just send a text message with the dollar amount (for example, if you wanted to send $10, just enter:  10 . No dollar sign; just 10 If this is your first  time giving this way, you will have to fill out a short form with your billing info.  After the intital set up, giving is as easy as sending a text message.  If you don’t designate a fund with your amount, by default, it goes to our General Fund.  To get a list of Funds, text Funds to the number.

Register your account

All 3 options will require you to register an account before you can give if you want to set up recurring giving and not have to enter your bank information each time.

Please use the CHECK option, as it costs 1% in processing fees versus debit and credit cards that cost closer to 3%.  We are accepting giving via credit cards, but please don’t give by credit unless your credit card is paid off in full each month.  The church operates a no-debt policy and we encourage everyone who gives to do the same.

If you have questions, please email, call 406-586-9782 x19, or call the church office to set up an appointment with him.

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