Grace Books

Grace Books provides you with tons of resources while you are at GBC. You can find hundreds of books, Bible studies, pamphlets, Bibles, recent sermons, and even recent conferences here! We carefully select the resources that we stock to make sure they are Biblically accurate before they go on the shelf. We also keep our prices as low as possible to serve you as best we can.

Grace Books, our onsite resource center is open before and after each Sunday service. If you have a request or want to find out if a particular resource is available, please email to find out more or you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Also at Grace Books

What is God doing in different situations in your life?  Why does He allow certain things to happen?  In Romans 8:28, Unlocking God’s Promise, Pastor Bryan takes an in-depth look at each word of Romans 8:28 and guides readers to answers that encourage trust in what God is doing.

Available in the Resource Center for $10.50

Pam Gannon’s lecture on Fear, Worry, Anxiety, and the Power of God is available on CD.

The GBC Library

The Grace Bible Church library is available to anyone who has completed an application. The library has an extensive Biblical Counseling section, audio and video tapes, and a wide variety of books including a large number of Bible study resource books. The media in the library address subjects such as Christian Life, Christian Biographies, Fiction, Creation, Parenting, Marriage, Etc. There is also special section for children. Weekday hours for the library are posted next to the library door.

The library is open each Sunday before and after the services. 

AV Ministry

The purpose of the audio-visual ministry is to provide the teaching of God’s word through the media. Most messages are available in audio cassette, CD, VHS and DVD.

A complete listing of all messages is available through our catalogue. If you have questions regarding the AV Ministry or would like to receive a catalogue of available messages, please fill out the form below.

Some Series Available by Pastor Bryan:

  • The Acts of the Ascended Christ (Acts)
  • Adorning the Doctrine of God (Titus)
  • Argument Against a Cult (Colossians)
  • Confidence in Hard Times (Romans 8:28)
  • Foundations of Faith
  • God’s Blueprint for Marriage
  • From Rags to Riches (Ruth)
  • The Most High Rules (Daniel)
  • Consequences or Truth?
  • Our God Reigns (Revelation)
  • The Righteousness of God (Romans)
  • Scripture is Sufficient
  • Will the Real Christ Please Stand Up (John 6)

You can request messages from the catalogue by filling out the following form:

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